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Canary Diamond Straight Bundles
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Canary Diamond Straight Bundles

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Stand out with our 100% Virgin Brazilian Canary Diamond Collection!  With bundles from a single donor, the cuticle is aligned and fully intact.  The Canary Diamond Collection is bone straight, super soft and extremely versatile.  Weighing 3.5 oz per bundle and 613 BLONDE, this lightweight tangle free hair is perfect for that bombshell girl 💄 who wants to stand out amongst the crowd.  

The Brazilian Canary Diamond Collection has the Cut, Color and Clarity that you need.  Lengths range from 8 inches to the daring 28 inch, can be dyed darker, and range from medium to low luster allowing for extreme blending capability providing a perfectly natural look.  How many carats ....we mean bundles will you rock?

  • 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair
  • Natural 1B dyed to Blonde 613
  • Medium - Low Luster 
  • Weighing 3.5oz per Carat
  • 1-2 years (Depending on care)

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